WHY Would the “Religious Right” Vote for Trump?

I read Dr. Randall Balmer’s book, “They Kingdom Come: How the Religious Right Distorts Faith and Threatens America” about 8 years ago, but what he shares is especially timely for today’s political climate. With… Continue reading

A Wiener Dog Is My Spirit Animal

My wife and I have fostered rescue dogs for nearly a decade, so we felt confident we had experienced the full spectrum of trial and horror that could possibly accompany most challenging dogs.… Continue reading

Decking the Halls

My mother always had an artistic vision when it came to decorating. Christmas was no exception. Over the years, old sentimental holiday trinkets and misshapen child-crafted ornaments quietly disappeared and were replaced with… Continue reading

The Life of a Freelancer


The Illustrated Guide to the War on Christmas

It’s almost that time of year! A time of festivity… …over-eating… …drinking… …and singing…! That’s right! Merry Saturnalia! Every December, ancient Romans celebrated Saturn  (their god of agriculture) by reversing social norms. Roman… Continue reading

My Sunday School Guide to Gay

When I was a kid, my church boycotted Disney… Not because of Disney’s overseas sweatshops… Or because of their lack of on-screen racial diversity… We weren’t even boycotting them because there appeared to… Continue reading

NintenHo Ho Ho!

Guest Post (Thank you, J!) My parents had cultivated the idea that my sister and I were hopelessly over-indulged…   … and they firmly believed that Christmas presents should be educational or functional…… Continue reading

I Was A Child Grinch (part 3)

Guest post (Thank you, T!) : I wanted walkie-talkies for Christmas. It was the apex of the CB craze and I imagined running around the woods and neighborhood using my cool CB lingo… Continue reading

I Was A Child Grinch (part 2)

Guest Post: My mom was the master of keeping up illusions. One year she used boots to make footprints coming out of the chimney… …she knocked some stuff over…. …and dropped a doll… Continue reading

I Was A Child Grinch (part 1)

When I was four years old, I really wanted a dollhouse. Since my father was handy with tools, he decided to make my dream come true and build me one for Christmas. Every… Continue reading