The Falcon Has Landed

My parents brought home a humble income, which meant that everything we did was on a budget… including Christmas gifts.


Each December, my brothers and I were tasked with strategically aligning our holiday wish-list with the predetermined funds. While other children wrote Christmas lists, we made spreadsheets and flowcharts.


We had all but written a formal business plan outlining and justifying every single wrapped gift that was under the tree. There were no superfluous, “Well, for heavens sake, what could this be…?”

So it’s no wonder that one my most memorable Christmas gifts was from a time my parents tossed fiscal responsibility to the wind and added a bonus surprise we had not lobbied.

Our jaws dropped as we each un-boxed our own personal inflatable sled!!!


It was magnificent, ridiculous and massive! (All the things I still love and appreciate as an adult!)


For three consecutive days I sat on our living room floor and patiently huffed my life and soul into it’s tiny plastic valve. It was a labor of love. My cheeks ached. My head hurt. My lips chapped. But as each crease expanded and each corner bloated, my spirit soared!





Like all things too wonderful and magnificent, the Snow Falcon was ahead of it’s time. Or at least, ahead of my neighborhood. No slope could accommodate the voluminous fowl, so the Falcon was later sold at a summer garage sale.