I Was A Child Grinch (part 1)

When I was four years old, I really wanted a dollhouse.

Since my father was handy with tools, he decided to make my dream come true and build me one for Christmas.

Every evening my father would come home after a long day of work only to disappear for hours inside his workshop.

Christmas - Dad - Dollhouse1

He hand built the house, the shingled roof, the three levels, and all of the furniture inside.  A tiny rocking chair, an itsy bitsy grandfather clock, an adorable toilet… it went on and on and on…

Christmas - Dad - Dollhouse2

Every room was furnished. Rugs installed. Wallpaper hung. (Wallpaper!!!) And Christmas morning, he placed his masterpiece under the tree.dollhouse-large

I gleefully tore through the wrapping paper… only to stop mid-squeal and shout, “What the ..??? Hey! There’s no staircase!!!”

Sorry, Dad. I was a four year old asshole.

Heather's dollhouse 1980 (0;00;00;00)


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